Sarah’s dance career started at a very young age and she has been dancing in the Ottawa area for the better part of 25 years. Sarah received 18 years of technical and competitive training with Denise Smith Studios for Jazz and Tap which brought her across Canada and the United States leading to her receiving top scores and overall awards. Her Ballet and Modern training within the Canterbury Dance Program in Ottawa under the training of Madame Fabin Gosline awarded her Honours in a Cecchetti syllabus. At 16 years of age, in 1998, Sarah was accepted into the Royal Winnipeg’s School of Dance. She also took part in the annual Hula Bowl competition in the United States and won a place to dance at the Hula Bowl in 1996.

Sarah then turned her career experiences into a studio of her own; she opened Farrah Dance Works in 2004. She can now bring her love of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary dance and Hip Hop to the local community and begin to use her talents to mould new young dancers. Sarah’s amazing energy and passion for dance is undeniable and translates in her choreography skills, attention to detail and technical teaching. As owner/Director of Farrah Dance Works, Sarah has successfully brought her school to the international competing level in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern and Hip Hop dance.